Being accused of a white-collar crime is not an allegation to take lightly. You will a need great criminal defense lawyer to work your case to defend you, and Jeffrey Hammond has the experience you are looking for. Being investigated for a crime can cause a lot of stress and high emotions. With Jeffrey Hammond, you can be at ease knowing that he will fight for you every step of the way.

White-collar crimes that criminal attorney Jeffrey Hammond defends against include:

  • Credit Card Fraud – Unauthorized use of another’s credit card information to remove funds or make purchases.
  • Forgery – Creating a replica of a signature, work of art, document, or banknote.
  • Counterfeiting – Falsely duplicating something authentic like money, jewelry or clothes, to pass as the real thing to deceive people.
  • Money Laundering – Hiding the process of money gained through commercial transactions or bank transfers.
  • Identity Theft – Purposefully using someone else’s identity, typically for financial or credit gain, getting medical services, or filing taxes.
  • Extortion – Using threats or force to demand money from an individual, business, or other entity.
  • Computer Crime – Hacking into an individual’s or company’s computer to steal or browse information in the data base.
  • Internet Fraud – Using software or the internet to take advantage and/or defraud someone.
  • Embezzlement – Misusing or stealing funds that belong to someone else or an organization, generally from one’s employer or an organization that the person has a position of financial authority with.

If you are being investigated for any of these crimes, not only could you face jail, prison time, or monetary fines, but the charges could also affect your business reputation and livelihood. Having a criminal defense lawyer working on your behalf is crucial to decreasing your chances of these consequences or lessening their time frame, and saving as much of your reputation as possible.

Give criminal attorney Jeffrey Hammond a call at (707) 226-6987 to discuss your case. He will provide you with the personalized attention and service you deserve, and will do his best to save your freedom and reputation.