Have you recently been pulled over for a DUI? Whether this is your first or subsequent DUI, you’ll need a good criminal defense attorney, and Jeffrey E. Hammond is the one for you. Even if this is your first DUI, the charges are serious, and you may be facing fines, loss of freedom, greatly increased auto insurance rates and limits, and loss of driving privileges.

Whether you are from out of state, county, or city, DUI lawyer Jeffrey E. Hammond can go to court on your behalf to relieve some worry of you having to travel all the way back where you received the ticket or were arrested from, and he can go in your place.

Additionally, if an individual wants a DMV hearing, the Department of Motor Vehicles requires that the hearing be set within 10 calendar days after a DUI arrest.  There are no exceptions to this timeframe. It is critical to have this hearing scheduled, as it is potentially the best way to minimize possible driving restrictions. This is where DUI lawyer Jeffrey E. Hammond comes in. He can appear in your first court case on your behalf to alleviate some stress and the inconvenience of missing work.

Have a more serious DUI charge? Out of the county or visiting when the arrest was made? Are you a commercial driver? Retain criminal defense attorney Jeffrey E. Hammond to represent you. He will explain your options to you, and help you steer through the criminal court proceedings and complex legal process.

Not only do you need a great criminal defense attorney to represent you during the hearings, but with thorough investigation and the right approach, your lawyer may be able to build a defense for you based upon several different factors, including:

  • Improper field sobriety testing
  • Illegal arrest or failure to read Miranda rights
  • Unlawful police stop
  • Breath test device was improperly calibrated or maintained
  • Breath or blood test was administered by an untrained/unqualified person
  • Unrelated factor, i.e.: age, weight, physical injury, illness, etc. that caused the failed field sobriety test.

Every case is unique, but the defense that your DUI lawyer uses on your behalf depends on if there is evidence that your rights were violated or standard police procedures were properly followed. Contact criminal defense attorney Jeffrey E. Hammond today to share your case and learn more about how he can assist you.