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As an attorney, I have a duty to advocate for my client to the best of my ability.  And that’s just what I’ll do; I’ll be at your side every step of the way.  I’ll fight for you!


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Jeffrey E. Hammond is a criminal defense attorney in Napa, California, dedicated to helping clients find justice in cases including DUI, juvenile offenses, drug crimes, state court white collar crimes, weapons violations, sex offenses, vehicular manslaughter and traffic offenses. Attorney Hammond has more than a decade of criminal law experience, and working side by side, he is able to give your case the individual attention and personalized service that you deserve.

With expert guidance, you’ll be able to effectively navigate the often confusing and complex legal process in criminal court. Criminal defense attorney Hammond is at your side through every step of the legal process to answer your questions and explain all of your options with their respective benefits and drawbacks. If you sense or know that you are under investigation, or have been charged with a criminal offense, call today for the best chance of minimizing potential penalties or jail time.

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Juvenile Offenses

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Over 23 years of experience and a genuine compassion for clients has made Jeffrey E. Hammond the first choice for legal services in Napa Valley.

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Northern California criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Hammond works hard to achieve the best possible resolution of your case to allow you to move forward in life with hope for the future. Our goal is the best possible outcome for you and as little disruption to your life as possible. Attorney Hammond’s diverse legal experience as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney provides extensive knowledge of both sides of the legal process to the benefit of his clients.

With Jeffrey E. hammond by your side, you’ll recieve:

  • Straight talk and honest answers about your options
  • Ethical strong legal advocacy to achieve your goals
  • Frequent and regular communication, so you always know where you stand
  • Assurance that when you call, your phone call will be returned and your questions answered
  • An assessment of the seriousness of the possible consequences you face, including those beyond trial or conviction

Individuals who have been charged with a crime need to understand that they may face very serious consequences beyond a conviction and/or the loss of your freedom. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can suspend or revoke driver’s licenses for lengthy periods. There may also be housing or employment limitations and denial of credit applications. In addition, there may be restrictions on who you can associate with, including family members. The most severe restrictions may result from having to register as a sex offender such as restrictions on where you can live, and notifying police every time you move. Criminal defense attorney Hammond can help you understand and navigate all these legal matters and will be at your side every step of the way.

“I am honored to write this review for my attorney and feel compelled to share with others how great he is! He was kind and empathetic, while straightforward and clear… I would not hesitate to return to him for legal advice or counsel. He comes with my highest recommendation.”

– S.B., DUI  Yelp Review

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