Napa Violent Crimes Lawyer

Napa Violent Crimes Attorney

The Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Hammond in Napa, California, successfully and skillfully defends your violent crimes charges. Jeffrey's former work as a prosecutor provides insight as to how the other side will investigate, and attempt to enforce charges for violent crimes, including assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

Assault with a deadly weapon has serious collateral consequences. Multiple convictions of the same offenses can result in much longer incarceration times. Jeffrey Hammond is a lawyer who will work hard and negotiate to convince the district attorney to dismiss charges or plea bargain them down.

Call us at 707-927-1150 to discuss how we can help with your case. If you are charged with misdemeanor battery, then your attorney can make the first court appearance on your behalf. You will not have to miss work to attend the initial hearing.

Being convicted of a violent crime can have very serious implications for a custody case that you may become involved in. Any evidence of a domestic violence crime within the last five years can result in a presumption against any legal or physical custody being awarded to the accused. Visitation rights may still be awarded, if it is in the best interests of the child. Another consequence is the imposition of a stay away order, which could last for three to five years. Further, the court may impose a restriction on owning or transporting weapons.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Attorney Hammond has skillfully defended cases against restraining orders, as well as petitioning the court for restraining orders. He understands both sides of this issue to the benefit of his clients. If a party is reasonably feeling unsafe, there are many enforceable options available. Mr. Hammond will also investigate defenses, including self defense and whether the charges brought were false.

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