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The Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Hammond in Napa, California, focuses its legal practice on criminal defense, including such cases as DUI, drug crimes, state court white collar crimes, weapons violations, sex offenses, vehicular manslaughter and traffic offenses. Attorney Jeffrey E. Hammond has more than a decade of successful, criminal law experience. As a small firm, we will give your case the individual attention and personalized service that you deserve. Call us at 707-927-1150 to discuss how we can help with your case.

Northern California criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey E. Hammond will protect your rights and look out for your best interests. It is important to recognize that there can be serious consequences beyond the loss of your freedom and fines. The Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Hammond understands that the context of a criminal case needs to be viewed as possible current and future impacts of criminal charges.

Experienced, Tough Criminal Defense Attorney

Our law firm will devote all of its efforts to achieving the best possible result in your case, whether it is an acquittal at trial, a dismissal of some or all of the charges or a plea agreement that minimizes the penalties that you face. An effective criminal defense attorney can do a great deal to challenge government evidence by exposing weaknesses in the case and establishing reasonable doubt.

Ethical, aggressive, goal-oriented representation provides our clients with guidance they need to achieve their desired outcome. Our reliable service ensures that clients know where they stand at each stage of their case.

Napa criminal law Attorney Jeffrey Hammond has a deep comfort level working with clients from all walks of life. His calm manner is a positive influence for his clients who may be facing one of the most difficult experiences of their life. With more than a decade of extensive legal experience, attorney Hammond has the legal knowledge necessary to provide you with the best possible defense, given your particular circumstances. Contact our firm at 707-927-1150 for an initial consultation and to answer any questions you may have. We are open regular weekday hours and can visit with you at our office or in jail, if necessary. Reasonable fees. We accept Visa and MasterCard for payment of services.