Napa DUI Defense Lawyer

Strong Successful Defense Against First Offense DUI and Multiple DUI Offenses

The Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Hammond in Napa, California, has a reputation for successful, strong legal advocacy for its DUI clients. DUI charges have serious impacts, including loss of freedom, fines, greatly increased auto insurance rates and limits, or loss on driving privileges. Multiple DUI offenses mean that penalties go up exponentially. You can be convicted of DUI based on Field Sobriety Tests alone. Police observations by themselves can result in a conviction based solely on police officer training and experience.

If you have been arrested or charged with DUI, you need to contact a DUI criminal defense lawyer immediately. There are administrative, as well as criminal, penalties for a DUI conviction. A Department of Motor Vehicles administrative hearing must be scheduled within 10 calendar days of a DUI arrest. This is crucial to have the best potential to minimize possible restrictions on your driving privileges.

Northern California Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Fights to Protect Your Rights

Misdemeanor DUI charges can be handled by Napa DUI defense attorney Jeffrey Hammond who can make the first court appearance for you. You will not have to miss work time, and are saved the stress and inconvenience of having to appear in court.

Jeffrey Hammond also represents clients with more serious DUI charges, including out-of-county residents and visitors to the state, and commercial drivers who have been arrested or charged with DUI. He will present your options and help you navigate the complex legal process of criminal court proceedings.